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Stokes, L.C. Short Circuiting Policy: Organized Interests in the American States and the Erosion of Clean Energy Laws. Book Manuscript. (Under contract at Oxford University Press).

Mildenberger, M. & Stokes, L. C.North American Energy Politics.'' Forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook on Energy Politics. (Peer reviewed book chapter).

Hertel-Fernandez, A., Mildenberger, M. & Stokes, L. C.  "Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress." Forthcoming at American Political Science Review. Published version (paywall); Pre-publication version.

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Shiu, H. & Stokes, L. C. (2008). "Buddhist Animal Release Practices: Historic, Environmental, Public Health & Economic Concerns." in Contemporary Buddhism: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 9(2): 181-196.

Other Publications

Dissertation - Power Politics: Renewable Energy Policy Change in US States. Summary.

Stokes, L. C., Susskind, L., Selin, N. E. (2013). The Mercury Negotiation Simulation. The Program on Negotiation at Harvard University. Also available for free on the Mercury Game website. For science-policy reports from the mercury treaty negotiations, see the MIT Mercury Policy blog.

Schenk, T. & Stokes, L. C. (May/June 2013). “The Power of Collaboration: Engaging All Parties in Renewable Energy Infrastructure Development.” IEEE power & energy magazine.

Stokes, L. (2013). Review of Global Environmental Governance Reconsidered.Edited by Frank Bierman and Philipp Pattberg. Review of Policy Research, 30(5): 607-609.

Stokes, L. (March 2013). Review of Putting Social Movements in their Place: Explaining Opposition to Energy Projects in the United States, 2000–2005 by Doug McAdam and Hilary Schaffer Boudet. Online in Anthem EnviroExperts Review. 

Stokes, L. (December 2012). Review of Global Environmental Governance Reconsidered by Frank Biermann and Philipp Pattberg. Online in Anthem EnviroExperts Review. 

Stokes, L. & Lee, H. (2012). "Gainesville Regional Utilities' Feed-in Tariff." Harvard Kennedy School Case, Number 1963.0, 1963.1.

Griffith-Jones, S., Hedger, M. & Stokes, L. (2009). "The Role of Private Sector Investment in Increasing Climate Friendly Technologies in Developing Countries," research paper for the United Nations World Economic & Social Survey.

Stokes, L. C., Scozzaro, A. & Haller, J. (2010). "The Food Crisis in Egypt & Ethiopia: Contrasting Hydrological & Economic Barriers to Development," in Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development, 3(1): 117-138.